Torria Davis

Enjoy Teaching and Learning

There is nothing more blessed or awesome than loving what you do for a living!

Instructional Designer

Collaborate with subject matter experts to design learning experiences for face-to-face, blended, and fully online delivery

Online Instructor

Facilitate the attainment of learning outcomes through sychronous and asynchronous interactions among the instructor, learners, andĀ  course content

Course Developer

Identify and align learning outcomes with lesson objectives, instructional materials, and assessments

Course Designer

Integrate learning technologies such as web tools, multimedia, and learning objects, with research based instructional methodologies

Faculty Member

Support faculty as they develop and design interactive and engaging lessons using the active learning, multiple intelligences, and universal design for learning frameworks

Consultant & Author

Engage the educationalĀ  community of instructional designers, developers, faculty, and administrators through volunteer peer review services, and compensated assignments

“With the rapid changes in technology, the best thing we can do for one another is share what we learn”

Dr. Torria Davis, Author of Visual Design for Online Learning

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